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Information Security Consulting

The Information Security Consulting service was established to address the growing need for organisations to understand and manage security at a higher level and "talking techie" where appropriate. Very often, organisations who consider their information security adopt people, process and technology because it is the "right thing to do". Affinity works with clients to educate and help them to make informed decisions.


Information & Risk Management

Information Security, in our opinion, should be considered a business or organisational issue. It should be considered part of the business model and paid particular attention to, no matter how large or small the organisation.When devising strategy and deploying solutions, it is essential that importance is placed on managing the risk associated with the bigger picture.

Affinity offers advice at the higher level, helping the decision makers set their strategy.

Information Security Awareness

Affinity can work with your organisation to promote an awareness and understanding of Information Security. Perhaps a director wants to understand the implications of offering a service? A business hat as opposed to a technical one is therefore required.

Alternatively, a technical administrator wishes to understand how to protect a particular piece of technology or seek advice on a line of defence? We will tailor our advice to meet the need.

Policy Design & Review

Before tackling a technical solution, attention should be given to what a service should and should not provide. This is again, a high level management issue and needs to be addressed ideally before design or deployment occurs. In addition, should you wish to tighten your organisation's current Information Security, Affinity can help you with the following:

  • Develop security policy & procedures
  • Audit your current implementation
  • Identify any gaps
  • Close / reduce the gaps

Assurance Services

How Strong Are Your Defences?

We provide a range of testing or assurance services to our clients. From our entry level vulnerability assessment to comprehensive penetration testing clients can feel secure that they are getting a superior level of service in terms of technical ability and industry professionalism.

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)
  • SafetyNet IP
  • Application Security Testing
  • Server Hardening